Georgina Joyce gena at
Wed Dec 19 12:20:06 EST 2007

Someone wrote:
or has anyone installed ubuntu with orca or speakup?

I reply:

Yes I got one, it's great little unit but it's a difficult beast.

It's easy to install Ubuntu 7.10 Gutsy on it and get it talking.  However it has 2 problems:

I can't get Madwifi working.  Thus wireless doesn't work.

It won't shutdown properly which is annoying but not very difficult to stop.  From memory it's a matter of passing a power management parameter to the kernel at boot time.

My biggest problem with it is that it is unbalanced.  Thus if the screen is tilted back in typical laptop position, it tips up.  i.e.  The keyboard is lifted off the deck.  The screen is heavier.

The preinstalled stuff is KDE and very tightly tied up.  The manual states that you can't remove any of the preinstalled software and their right.  Unless you wipe the disk.

Oh and that's another thing.  I haven't found a complete version of the manual yet either.


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