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Tue Dec 18 19:16:48 EST 2007

I have one.
I had trouble with getting the correct URL for the sources.list file in 
So I wiped the drive, and installed Ubuntu.
Orca sort of worked, but it was not too cooperative, maybe I just need to 
get used to it.
Right now, I am running XP Media Center Edition on it.
If the crack I ran to clear the 60 day registration request from MS sticks, 
I may keep XP on it.
If it eventually doesn't work, I will either go with an updated sources.list 
file on Xandros, or try Ubuntu again.
I really, really like that little computer.
It has the power of a desktop in a package smaller than a BrailleNote.
BTW, has them for 350 dollars.

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has anyone tested the asus eee pc notebook? If yes, is it possible to use
for us with speech and braille under xandros linux or windows xp with
screenreader as hal or jaws, or has anyone installed ubuntu with orca or



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