Anyone here use grml as a linux distro?

Jerry Matheny starnoble at
Tue Dec 4 07:56:17 EST 2007

Could you outline the steps needed to do a successful grml2hd install, and 
how to tell it to use ltlk by default, at least until I change it? And what 
all is needed in order to install TTSynth on GRML??

Thanks in advance,


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> "Jerry Matheny" <starnoble at> writes:
>> I was wondering if anyone here has used grml as a Linux distro.
>> I was just wondering how hard is it to grml2hd and have speech come up
>> talking?  I know it is Debian based, so would the Debian TTSynth package
>> be compatible? And would it be farely easy to install Gnome and Orca?
> Hi,
> I've been using grml on both the laptop and home system since March of
> 2007.  The grml2hd process only takes a few minutes.  It is completely
> accessible under Speakup.
> TTSynth works fine.  I started using it as soon as it was released.
> You have to grab some prerequisite packages, but TTSynth installation
> is fairly straightforward.
> I am  not sure about Gnome and Orca.  I've never tried to install them,
> but theoretically, it should be as simple as apt-get.
> HTH,
> -- Chris
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