Anyone here use grml as a linux distro?

C.M. Brannon cmbrannon at
Tue Dec 4 07:12:01 EST 2007

"Jerry Matheny" <starnoble at> writes:

> I was wondering if anyone here has used grml as a Linux distro.
> I was just wondering how hard is it to grml2hd and have speech come up
> talking?  I know it is Debian based, so would the Debian TTSynth package
> be compatible? And would it be farely easy to install Gnome and Orca?

I've been using grml on both the laptop and home system since March of
2007.  The grml2hd process only takes a few minutes.  It is completely
accessible under Speakup.
TTSynth works fine.  I started using it as soon as it was released.
You have to grab some prerequisite packages, but TTSynth installation
is fairly straightforward.
I am  not sure about Gnome and Orca.  I've never tried to install them,
but theoretically, it should be as simple as apt-get.

-- Chris

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