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Doug Sutherland doug at
Thu Aug 30 09:41:56 EDT 2007


ADI is Analog Devices and Soundmax is an ADI audio codec that
is made for AC97. Just as with the other PC you mentioned this
one supports AC97 and there is a generic AC97 driver that works
on linux. AC97 is an audio standard where the controller of the
audio device is on the host and the audio codecs follow specs
such that they are interchangeable. That basically means it doesn't
matter if it's an ADI, Cirrus Logic, or Texas Instruments AC97
audio device, they will all behave the same way following the
AC97 specifications. Here's an ADI FAQ on SoundMax:

The FAQ states
6 Where can I find Linux drivers?
 We don't provide Linux drivers directly. We go through the Advanced Linux
Sound Architecture Group. You'll need to go there for Linux drivers.

Although it's not clear from the info you have exactly which audio chip is
that machine, the Analog Devices support for ALSA is listed here

The audio chip is most likely one of the chips listed in the section labeled
as AC97. And even if it's not in the list, as mentioned earlier, AC97 is an
industry standard, and the device will work with generic AC97 drivers

Should be no problem with an IBM/Intel machine.

G'Day mate :)

  -- Doug

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