Speakup on a Dell Enspiron 2600

Martin McCormick martin at dc.cis.okstate.edu
Sat Aug 18 08:52:44 EDT 2007

Kenny Hitt writes:
> I just noticed I wasn't clear on one point.  I doubt you can get software 
> speech working
> on the live CD.  You will have no trouble getting software speech working 
> after you install.
> Since the install is gtk based, speakup won't help you do the initial 
> install, but the installer works with Orca.

	Talk about Catch 22. I can't think of a more critical
time to need full feedback than during an installation. The only
other time that is similarly critical is when something goes
wrong and the system may be partially disabled. I have rescued
partly-dead linux systems with serial consoles that I had
accidentally killed by messing up lilo or grub and that's when
you need all the help you can get.

	One time, I did something stupid to lilo and had to use
a copy of the tomsrtbt floppy configured for serial console to
get it back. Since I could make the toms disk work, the fix
wasn't too much of a problem. If that hadn't worked, I would
have had to either reinstall Linux or have somebody look at the
screen, both of which I think are an admission of defeat, said
with a bit of a smile.

Martin McCormick

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