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On Sun, Aug 12, 2007 at 05:59:55PM +1000, Daniel Dalton wrote:
> Ok how would 256 mb ram go and a 1 ghz processor go? I will be compiling 
> mostly an open source project for mp3 players called rockbox. I will 
> also be compiling my own programs.

That would go a bit faster, though what you described previously
should be fine also for those tasks.

> Just a question can you build win 32 apps on linux?

It looks like the answer to that is yes, though I've never tried it.

> So could I get  linux and just install it and speakup would come with it?
> Or is there nothing like this out there?

Linux is a kernel, and the speakup patch isn't currently included in
the mainstream kernel. So, the literal answer to your question would
be that no, if you just got linux, and installed it, speakup wouldn't
come with it. What I do think you meant though was could you just get
and install a distribution of gnu/linux, (gnu/linux refers to a
complete system, meaning the gnu tools and the linux kernel), and
expect speakup to come with it. As has been mentioned before, you need
a distribution of gnu/linux which has been modified with a
speakup-patched linux kernel. I gave you links to several of those in
my previous response to this thread. If you get your install media
from any of those pages, you will have a distribution of gnu/linux
which will contain speakup in it as well.


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