How different is Speakup from JAWS

John Heim jheim at
Sun Aug 12 14:23:30 EDT 2007

If you use debian linux, software speech should be very easy to install. See 
my page at

I only put that up a couple of weeks ago and I don't know if anyone has used 
it yet. But I haven't gotten any complaints yet.

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> Hello,
> Speakup only works in the console it will not work under a desktop
> environment. Further more, a hardware synth is required to use speakup,
> although some people have gotten software synthisizers to work but that
> takes some playing with. If you want to use a gui because you might not be
> too sharp on commands in linux, consider Orca for the gnome desktop it is
> included in the ubuntu live CD and you can read more about orca at
> To download a live ubuntu cd visit
> A live cd is a fully functional linux operating
> system however it runs all from the CD and never touches your hard drive, 
> so
> you can try linux before you install it. Another distro called Grml is a
> speakup modified distro that has no graphical desktop and is only command
> line based is also available if you have a hardware synth and want to give
> it a try.
>  Basically Orca is a scriptable screen reader for the gnome 2.16 desktop.
> But first before diving into any of this, I recommend learning a tad about
> whaqt linux is, as you sound very new and it might prove useful to read up
> on what Linux is and how it works in general terms. Don't let it scare you
> off, it's just that in my opinion you might be better off knowing what
> you're doing in the long run.
> Have fun,
>  Cody
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>> Hi...
>>  I was wondering if Speakup has keystrokes the way JAWS does to bring up
>> dialog boxes that lists links and headings. How different is Speakup from
>> JAWS. I am a Windows user seriously considering thinking about changing 
>> to
>> linux. Thanks.
>>  Charlie
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