How different is Speakup from JAWS

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Speakup only works in the console it will not work under a desktop 
environment. Further more, a hardware synth is required to use speakup, 
although some people have gotten software synthisizers to work but that 
takes some playing with. If you want to use a gui because you might not be 
too sharp on commands in linux, consider Orca for the gnome desktop it is 
included in the ubuntu live CD and you can read more about orca at To download a live ubuntu cd visit A live cd is a fully functional linux operating 
system however it runs all from the CD and never touches your hard drive, so 
you can try linux before you install it. Another distro called Grml is a 
speakup modified distro that has no graphical desktop and is only command 
line based is also available if you have a hardware synth and want to give 
it a try.

  Basically Orca is a scriptable screen reader for the gnome 2.16 desktop. 
But first before diving into any of this, I recommend learning a tad about 
whaqt linux is, as you sound very new and it might prove useful to read up 
on what Linux is and how it works in general terms. Don't let it scare you 
off, it's just that in my opinion you might be better off knowing what 
you're doing in the long run.

Have fun,
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> Hi...
>  I was wondering if Speakup has keystrokes the way JAWS does to bring up 
> dialog boxes that lists links and headings. How different is Speakup from 
> JAWS. I am a Windows user seriously considering thinking about changing to 
> linux. Thanks.
>  Charlie
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