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Hey there Daniel,

> 1. I will just be doing the following:
> using a text editor,
> using gcc,
> using the web and email a little bit,
> Using the rockbox compilers I will install
> and I will also be copying files to and from USB  drives.
> So my question is what sort of machine will I need? Would one with 633 
> mhz cpu 128 mb of ram and a 10 gb hard drive work. I am just getting 
> into this so I don't need the best results but would that run speak up 
> and linux fine?

As long as all you want to use is the command line interface, those
specs will work just fine. Of course more ram, faster processors, etc.
never hurts, but Linux can run happily with the system you just
described. If I were you, I'd also make sure the system supports USB
2.0, or high speed USB it is also called. Many older systems don't have
that ability, and if you'll be moving lots of data between machines,
it's something you'll really want. The difference is noticeable. If your
system doesn't have it, it's fine. You can buy a PCI card to support it.

> 2. Does speak up give me access to everything in linux including the 
> command line interface?

Speakup gives you access to the command line interface, but not the
graphical interface. If you want access to the graphical, which it
doesn't sound like you do, then you need additional software. In other
words, speakup is probably all you need.

> 3. What is a good text editor for programming on linux? I need one that 
> does the indentation as well as saves with unix style line endings.

There are several. I personally prefer one called nano. If you prefer a
vi style one, then try vim.

> 4. Will I have access to gcc?

gcc comes with nearly all distributions of Linux. If you select one
where it isn't installed by default, then installing it yourself after
the fact shouldn't be a problem.

> 5. Does anyone know of a basic linux guide?

Try The Linux Documentation Project.

They have guides, howtos, etc.

> 6. How hard is speak up to install?

It comes with many of the distributions already installed in your
kernel. Again, it's possible you may select a distribution where it's
not, but if that's the case it can be installed pretty easily.
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