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On Sat, Aug 11, 2007 at 12:57:16PM +1000, Daniel Dalton wrote:
> So just using  a text editor, compiler and make file will work on a 
> machine like this?


> > Does the command line have an accessible text editor? Also what is the graphical interface?

Yes, of course, the command-line has a variety of accessible
editors. The graphical interface is to the command-line what windows
is to dos. I can't think of a simpler way to put it.

> >   > > Do you know of any good ones? And how would I install them and run them?

I can't think of a command-line gnu/linux editor that could be
referred to as bad. Most of them, if not all of them should be able to
do what you want. I use emacs myself, which has a steep learning
curve, and I use vi also. Others here like nano as well, and I'm
sure there are other popular editors I've forgotten to mention. As for
how to install them, that will depend on the distribution of gnu/linux
you'd be going with. To run them, you'd just type the editor's name,
and press enter, (I.E. emacs to run emacs, vi to run vi, nano to run
nano, and so on).

> > Ok and where would I get linux from to install on to my machine?

These are just the more popular distributions that contain
speakup. Also note that in the case of the debian link for example, it
is just a link to the downloads, and you'll want to go to to read the install documentation.

> If it came with win 98 could I remove this and install linux? If so

Yes. As for how you'd do it, I'd think the easiest method would be to
have your distribution's installer, (if it has that option), remove
all partitions on the disk, and use the whole disk space. Again, how
you'd do this exactly depends on the distribution you decide to go
with. So, I guess the simplest answer would be that you'd do it by
removing the win98 partition, and partitioning your whole drive to use gnu/linux.

> And would I be able to search the internet for programming stuff as well as send and receive email on  this type of machine?

Yes to everything.

> And one more question what sound card will I need. If I have the right 
> sound card will speakup work with it and come with a synthesizer?

That's a tough question to answer. It would be easier if you googled
your sound card, to find out if linux supports it, or if you posted
make and model, and any kind of info about your sound card to the
list, so that one of us could find out if linux supports it. Speakup
doesn't communicate with the sound card directly, so this question is
a bit misdirected. However, if linux supports your sound card, the
speech synthesizer you choose to use will talk through that sound


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