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> Hi,
> I have the latest debian iso from shane.
> I have been through the install but intend to do it again and make a
> better job of it.
> I am wondering what I should do with the third option of the country
> selection.  I selected english for language, uk for country then I got
> another option which I am unsure about?
> Also, wonder about the keyboard options?
IIRC, it's asking you to select a locale and a keyboard layout. You should 
be able to accept defaults for each. A locale is a way of customizing linux 
for particular cultures -- whether to use a comma or a period for a decimal 
point, for example. A keyboard layout sets how linux interacts with your 
keyboard.   The installer tries to figure out these values based on your 
previous selections. The defaults will probably work for you.

> I also notice that there is an option to remove unneeded
> components, is there a way of determining what I can remove from
> this section?

You shouldn't bother with this unless you are short on disk space. A default 
install takes only about 4 Gb. That includes the GUI. > I just created a 
dual-boot linux and Windows XP system on a 15 Gb hard drive and I still have
plenty of space to spare.

> Finally, for the kernell choice I notice a few options with speakup
> but not sure of the differences between them?
> I have the debian install manual but have not found the information
> in there.
> Thanks for your patience.
> Keith
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You need to know what kind of processor you have in your computer. The 
kernel that ends with 486 is for really old machines -- like 6 or 7 years 
old. The one that says AMD64 is for fairly new machines with an AMD 64 bit 
processor. Most machines will use the kernel with the name ending with 686.

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