debian 4.0 install

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Tue Aug 7 17:47:29 EDT 2007


I have the latest debian iso from shane.

I have been through the install but intend to do it again and make a 
better job of it.

I am wondering what I should do with the third option of the country 
selection.  I selected english for language, uk for country then I got 
another option which I am unsure about?

Also, wonder about the keyboard options?  

I also notice that there is an option to remove unneeded 
components, is there a way of determining what I can remove from 
this section?

Finally, for the kernell choice I notice a few options with speakup 
but not sure of the differences between them?

I have the debian install manual but have not found the information 
in there.

Thanks for your patience.


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