considering gentoo over debian

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I hope you get on with gentoo, but if I read your message right your going to be very disappointed.  It seems that you want to just do a couple of commands and have every thing installed.  This maybe alright for Windows, but with Linux you have choice, why install that software you don't want.  If I may be so bold to suggest that you stick with Fedora.

What you say about debian is simply not true, of course it has those packages and you have the freedom to choose what you want and that you don't.  Your Windows mind set needs adapting to accommodate freedom.  If you want a deb based distro, have you looked at ubuntu?



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Hi, I am currently using debian etch\ but as not all of the packages I 
want are included in debian by default like autoconf, automake and 
similar packages I need to install them using apt-get.  gcc is another 
example as it is listed as the build-essential package if you really 
want to compile things.  What is the latest version of the gentoo 
installation CD that does not require X windows and has speakup and 
should work with a dectalk express?  I would like to at least try it 
and see what it is like.

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