installing Slackware or debian via telnet?

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Tue Feb 21 18:25:48 EST 2006

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On Tue, Feb 21, 2006 at 12:33:51 PM -0700, Jacob Schmude wrote:
> Hi all
> I need to install Linux  on a computer to act as a server.  
> Unfortunately, the system is without serial ports and sighted  
> assistance is not, repeat not, available. I've tried installing  
> fedora core 4 via telnet, but the NIC on this system which has an  
> nVidia NForce chipset is not one of the drivers loaded when doing a  
> telnet install. Is there any way to install either slackware or  
> debian via telnet?

You might try using the trml live cd. It supports both software speech
from the live cd and starting up an ssh server with boot parameters.
Once you have the live cd up and running you can then bootstrap a debian
install on the hard drive. I'm not sure about installing grml to the hd
though because then AFAICT its not a straight upgrade path to a debian
system. If you absolutely need telnet rather than ssh I think you can
start the telnet service from the boot prompt as well, but I don't know
how off hand.

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