Synthesizer Driver Question

ace ace at
Mon Feb 20 00:21:44 EST 2006

Kirk and all,

I have been experimenting.  I have two devices with Double Talk chips 
in them (My Romeo Pro 50 embosser and BrailleLite Millennium 
40).  The embosser works well; it uses the ltlk driver.  There is, 
however, a slight issue with the BNS driver in Speakup.  It is not 
possible to adjust the pitch and, at times, this becomes necessary as 
the pitch will drop to a low level randomly.  Is this a Speakup issue 
or a limitation of the BNS driver?  I notice the same problem with 
DECTalk (dectlk)--here, it is possible to adjust the pitch level, but 
it often jumps to a high level at times.


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