Speak Freely and Other Queries

ace ace at freedomchat.org
Sun Feb 19 11:17:15 EST 2006

Hello all,

Well, I am now emailing the list from Linux.  I hope that I have confkigured everything properly; I have three email accounts and it was a might difficult.  I have it set up so if I wish to send from a certain address, I have a .muttrc for each one.  If there is another email client or any other way that would make the management of multiple email accounts easier, please let me know.  Right now, I am just happy that it is working.  Well, at least, I hope.

Speak Freely: I got the scripts from the goodies directory.  There is a reflector and a reflector~ and there are some differences between them.  Either way, when I tried editing and using them, I got errors about the host lwl.braille.uwo.ca being unknown.  What is the new host?

Thanks all,

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