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On Sat, Feb 18, 2006 at 10:34:58PM -0700, Tyler Littlefield wrote:
> I am sort of lost, I have read the docs, but I don't really understand how to do this,
> Can someone explain how to compile the kernel?

Since you've already read the docs, then how about telling us which
part or parts of the process you don't understand, so that we can give
you a specific answer, without having to summarize the docs?

> also, is there a way I can change the output dir?

Not that I know of, though I do stand to be corrected.

> last thing, can I make it boot from a floppy or something, so if I scrue this kernel up, I can just take the floppy out, and I have my old kernel back? like, I will have two kernels on the hd, and when the floppy is in, it will boot debian into the other kernel?

You can boot 2 or more kernels off the hd, without needing to use a
floppy to do so. How to do this depends on if you're using lilo or
grub as your boot loader. Since lilo works just fine with all my
drives and bioses, and since I like using it, I haven't bothered with
grub, so if you're using grub as your boot loader, someone else will
have to tell you how to boot multiple kernels.

You can also load an entire kernel off a floppy. To do this you'd use
syslinux, the url for which I don't recall. Google for syslinux, and
you should find it.

Finally, you can also do what you suggested, use a boot loader on a
floppy to load a kernel off the hard drive. Lilo can do this, and grub
probably can too. However, I don't know why you'd want to put just the
boot loader on a floppy, unless you can't fit the kernel on it as
well, in which case you probably have too many things built into the
kernel, and not as modules.


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