help with no sound?

Tyler Littlefield compgeek13 at
Sun Feb 19 10:56:53 EST 2006

ok, I will work with mount, and alsa works, it just doesn't detect the 
sound, where from here?
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> On Sat, Feb 18, 2006 at 10:01:29PM -0700, Tyler Littlefield wrote:
>> I get an error when I try to use alsa,
> Then most likely, the alsa modules you need aren't loaded, or if they
> are, then alsa didn't detect your sound card for some reason. If you
> know for a fact that your sound card was detected by alsa, then post
> what you are doing, and what errors you're getting.
>> and when I try to mount to
>> /media/hd1, it tells me I need to specify a filesystem,
> Still assuming that /media/hd1 is defined as a valid mount point in
> /etc/fstab for a partition, maybe you do need to load a module. If the
> partition you're trying to mount is fat32, then do:
> modprobe vfat
> to load the vfatfs module. If the partition you're trying to mount is
> ntfs, then do:
> modprobe ntfs
> to load the ntfs module. If the system tells you the module you're
> trying to load isn't found, then you'll need to recompile the kernel,
> and include support for the modules you need.
> If it still tells you to specify the file system once you've
> successfully load the module you need, then the entry in /etc/fstab for
> /media/hd1 is probably incorrect, and you'll need to specify the drive
> you want to mount to the mount command. For example, if you're trying
> to mount the first partition of your second drive on /media/hd1, the
> command you'd use is:
> mount /dev/hdb1 /media/hd1
> If you want to mount the first partition of your second drive on
> /media/hd1, and explicitly tell the system that this is an ntfs
> partition, the command you'd use would be something like:
> mount /dev/hdb1 -t ntfs /media/hd1
> If one of these mount commands works for you, then you'll need to
> modify /etc/fstab to point /dev/hdb1 to the /media/hd1 mount
> point. What the /etc/fstab line to do that would look like depends on
> the file system a partition uses. To read about how to use mount, and
> umount, read the mount((8), and the umount(8) manual pages. To read
> the man page for mount, you'd type:
> man mount
> Note also that the modprobe commands I've mentioned above need to be
> executed as root, and so does the mount command, if you need to
> specify the drive and partition to mount.
>> I am not sure if I
>> understand what you mean.
> Then go read the fstab(5) man page.
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