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Sun Feb 19 01:31:16 EST 2006

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On Sat, Feb 18, 2006 at 10:01:29PM -0700, Tyler Littlefield wrote:
> I get an error when I try to use alsa, 

Then most likely, the alsa modules you need aren't loaded, or if they
are, then alsa didn't detect your sound card for some reason. If you
know for a fact that your sound card was detected by alsa, then post
what you are doing, and what errors you're getting.

> and when I try to mount to 
> /media/hd1, it tells me I need to specify a filesystem, 

Still assuming that /media/hd1 is defined as a valid mount point in
/etc/fstab for a partition, maybe you do need to load a module. If the
partition you're trying to mount is fat32, then do:

modprobe vfat

to load the vfatfs module. If the partition you're trying to mount is
ntfs, then do:

modprobe ntfs

to load the ntfs module. If the system tells you the module you're
trying to load isn't found, then you'll need to recompile the kernel,
and include support for the modules you need.

If it still tells you to specify the file system once you've
successfully load the module you need, then the entry in /etc/fstab for
/media/hd1 is probably incorrect, and you'll need to specify the drive
you want to mount to the mount command. For example, if you're trying
to mount the first partition of your second drive on /media/hd1, the
command you'd use is:

mount /dev/hdb1 /media/hd1

If you want to mount the first partition of your second drive on
/media/hd1, and explicitly tell the system that this is an ntfs
partition, the command you'd use would be something like:

mount /dev/hdb1 -t ntfs /media/hd1

If one of these mount commands works for you, then you'll need to
modify /etc/fstab to point /dev/hdb1 to the /media/hd1 mount
point. What the /etc/fstab line to do that would look like depends on
the file system a partition uses. To read about how to use mount, and
umount, read the mount((8), and the umount(8) manual pages. To read
the man page for mount, you'd type:

man mount

Note also that the modprobe commands I've mentioned above need to be
executed as root, and so does the mount command, if you need to
specify the drive and partition to mount.

> I am not sure if I 
> understand what you mean.

Then go read the fstab(5) man page.


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