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Sat Feb 18 15:09:19 EST 2006

Thanks a lot.  Nice to see that you keep track of your messages; 
perhaps I should learn from you.  LOL

At 04:53 AM 2/18/2006, you wrote:
>     Ace:
>This is taken from Jim Grimsby's post of September 25th, 2005:
>To install the dectalk express firmware you will need access to a dos based
>computer or one able to run a dos box.  There is no way I know way I know of
>to update the firmware using Linux. Unpack the zip file for the firmware of
>the express you want to use pkunzip will do this if you are having problems
>using the self
>extracting file. Then run the install program. View the readme file for
>instruction on updating your express.
>I think that DecTalk firmware is only available now from GW micro. I've
>never bothered to update the firmware on my DecTalk external since it works
>fine with my linux box, and I'm a big fan of: "if it ain't broke, don't fix
>I don't know how to access this listserv's archives, but there's a thread on
>this subject under the subject line "DecTalk Speech" which occurred between
>september 2p-30.
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