Dectalk external

John McCann lists at
Sat Feb 18 04:53:16 EST 2006


This is taken from Jim Grimsby's post of September 25th, 2005:

To install the dectalk express firmware you will need access to a dos based
computer or one able to run a dos box.  There is no way I know way I know of
to update the firmware using Linux. Unpack the zip file for the firmware of
the express you want to use pkunzip will do this if you are having problems
using the self
extracting file. Then run the install program. View the readme file for
instruction on updating your express.

I think that DecTalk firmware is only available now from GW micro. I've
never bothered to update the firmware on my DecTalk external since it works
fine with my linux box, and I'm a big fan of: "if it ain't broke, don't fix

I don't know how to access this listserv's archives, but there's a thread on 
this subject under the subject line "DecTalk Speech" which occurred between 
september 2p-30.


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