Speakup and Emacs-Speak

Jan Buchal buchal at brailcom.org
Mon Feb 13 03:53:15 EST 2006

>>>>> "SH" == Scott Howell <s.howell at verizon.net> writes:

    SH> Folks, I'm interested in setting up Emacs-Speak on my Debian
    SH> system. I believe in the past there was some configuring that
    SH> needed to be done so Speakup and Emacs-Speak would play nice
    SH> together. Is this still the case and what synth
    SH> software/hardware does Emacs-Speak use by default?

the second alternative is speakup and speechd-el. speechd-el you can find
on http://www.freebsoft.org the latest cvs version has own braille
support through brlapi, so you can use emacs in X window with braille
and speech output. Of course for speechd-el you need speech dispatcher.

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