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Hi people,

I have recently installed a program that I am enthusiastic about and 
want to recommend it. It is a radical departure from everything you are 
familiar with, but it is a genuine improvement over most of the things I 
have been using to browse the web or navigate files and directories. 
Below is the first couple of paragraphs from the author's web site. The 
author is Karl Dahlke, and his site is karl at

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I believe, and I am in the minority on this one,
that totally blind users should employ command-line applications,
rather than pasting a screen reader on top of full-screen programs.
Manipulating the cursor via speech is irreparably inefficient.
To this end I have written a combination editor + browser + mail client 
that is
command-line interactive. You type something and the computer responds.
There is no screen, anywhere, ever.

This program is a re-implementation of ed, with browse capabilities 
built in.
You can edit a local file or a remote html document.
If you have retrieved an html file, the new command `b' browses the 
rendering all the html tags in a blind-friendly manner.
If you are interested in all the formatting details,
use the undo command to revert back to the raw html.
Since it is a combined editor browser, it is called edbrowse.

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Here are three direct links, one to the manual, one to a binary package, 
and one to the source tarball.

If you are comfortable with a line-oriented editor such as ed, you will 
have an easy time warming up to this package. I have been able to access 
sites which were not accessible to other browsers, and even my router is 
a pleasure to interact with. It has some javascript support, and a 
really nice way of completing forms and submitting them online. I have 
made it my preferred browser. 

Give it a look. It might be just what you are looking for. It is a GPL 
licensed product, of course. 


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