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On Mon, Feb 13, 2006 at 10:24:05AM EST, Glenn at home wrote:
> Do any of the SpeakUp enabled Debian distros run on a Power PC system?
> Thanks in advance.

I have managed to get Speakup to run on a PowerPC Ubuntu installation. 
Haven't tried Debian, but I am pretty sure that would work as well.

You are not able to use a hardware synth however, as the speakup code 
was designed to work on X86 hardware to directly talk with the serial 
ports. Modern PowerPC systems do not have serial ports, but only have 
USB, and as it is known, synths do not work via USB to serial devices at 
this stage.

When I tried running it a while back, I also ran into another problem 
where the screen review commands would review the console, however no 
console output was spoken as you typed in commands, used apps, etc.

Hope this helps.
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