debian installation

Marcel Oats moats at
Sun Feb 12 03:40:31 EST 2006

Hi Ned, all files will be on hdb, however you partition it, as your WinXP 
drive is full.
I just selected everything, except manual package selection.  If you install 
a desktop system, you'll get the X server, whereas you'd just get a shell if 
you install any other server-based platform.  They're all [*] kind of 
checkboxes anyway, and the whole thing here is taking up about 5.2 gb, I 
Also, if you install the desktop system as well as other stuff, you can then 
install gnopernicus, by logging into a shell and typing
apt-get install gnopernicus
and it'll retrieve it from the net.  Good luck getting it working, I 
couldn't, which I think is a pity, as I'd like to see what it's like.

Glad to be of assistance, hopefully!

I did an
apt-get dist-upgrade
on my system, which brought most of the components up-to-date.  It did *not* 
alter the base kernel, but replaced some modules, so if you do that, follow 
their instructions and reboot immediately.  Since doing that, I've noticed 
disk writes are a lot quicker.


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> thanks a million! this is what i was looking for...
> i've got the hd, and cannot wait until Monday to pick up the barroed 
> synth,
> and then the music shall start!
> now tell me is it gonna make any difference when i install the debian as a
> dns server rather than a desctop system?
> one more question: which drive will be the root?
> oh, i'm looking forward to finishing the installation ...
> many thanks once more!
> ned

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