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Gene Collins collins at
Wed Feb 8 09:58:52 EST 2006

Hi robby.  Most of the time, you can just forget about the windows and
highlight modes.  Just use Speakup in the default modes it boots up in. 
The highlight tracking is sort of a software cursor tracking thing which
Speakup uses when you have a dialog box or some menu on the screen that
doesn't use a hardware cursor.  Most Linux text console programs just
use the standard hardware cursor.  So with Lynx for example, I never
change anything in speakup, just use it as is.

On, you will find The Speakup User's Guide, which
describes speakup's features in detail.  If you haven't looked at it,
you might find the guide useful.

The window feature lets you set up an area of the screen that you
specificly want to monitor, or silence.  Alsamixer is one of the apps I
find this useful for.  With alsamixer, I turn off cursor tracking, and
create a window that monitors line five on the screen.  Then, as I use
left and right arrows to move throuch the devices, I hear the device
name I have moved on to, and if it is off, I hear the word off.  You can
also reread the window by pressing insert keypad plus, otherwise
described in the guide as Speakup plus.

Of course, when you exit alsamixer, you should clear the window, and
turn cursor tracking back on.  Hope this helps.


>Hello all,
>Thank you, Greg, for responding to my previous post--I have resolved 
>the problem.
>I am using LYNX for web browsing.  What I am finding confusing with 
>Speakup are the navigation modes available--read window, cursor on, 
>cursor off, highlight, and whatever else--I am not sure when it is 
>appropriate to use which.  For instance, I am able to read links on a 
>web site using the highlight option but am unable to find the 
>appropriate mode for reading text on web pages.  For me, it skipped over it.
>Also, I have three email accounts.  How do I set up email in 
>Linux?  I am pretty good with documentation so if you would like to 
>give me links to information pertaining to this issue that would be 
>fine.  Thanks for any help.  I am trying to make the transition from 
>Windblows to Linux but it is a slow one.
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