Some Questions

ace ace at
Tue Feb 7 17:03:06 EST 2006

Hello all,

Thank you, Greg, for responding to my previous post--I have resolved 
the problem.

I am using LYNX for web browsing.  What I am finding confusing with 
Speakup are the navigation modes available--read window, cursor on, 
cursor off, highlight, and whatever else--I am not sure when it is 
appropriate to use which.  For instance, I am able to read links on a 
web site using the highlight option but am unable to find the 
appropriate mode for reading text on web pages.  For me, it skipped over it.

Also, I have three email accounts.  How do I set up email in 
Linux?  I am pretty good with documentation so if you would like to 
give me links to information pertaining to this issue that would be 
fine.  Thanks for any help.  I am trying to make the transition from 
Windblows to Linux but it is a slow one.


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