Modem not Found

ace ace at
Mon Feb 6 22:10:10 EST 2006

Hello All,

I have just recently configured my system to dual-boot between Linux 
and Windblows.  I have a USRobotics 56K 6510 internal PCI modem that 
is controller-based.  It worked well under the default kernel 2.4.29; 
however, when I built a custom kernel and attempt to 
connect, it says something like
unknown device or command in file /rc.d/ppp/options /dev/ttys4
or something like that.  A friend told me that the modem symlink 
doesn't work or something with udev and to tell the pppsetup script 
to point to the device.  Well, I did--tried a few of them, in fact, 
and still no luck.  I am quite sure I compiled everything into the 
kernel pertaining to PPP.  Am I missing something?  Thanks folks.


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