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Sun Feb 27 11:24:40 EST 2005

I did /sbin/chkconfig --level 2345 firstboot off

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> Have you followed the instructions in our installation HOWTO? It sounds
> like you have not.
> You're probably bumping into firstboot. The only answer is to boot into
> single user mode--or get sighted assistance.
> The lack of output during the boot is the rhgb=quiet setting in
> grub.conf. It's OK to delete that directive.
> Juan Hernandez writes:
>> Hi, I installeaving the following problems.
>> I just installed fc3, and whenboot for the first time, it starts up ok, 
>> but when i get to the line that says hardware sloading or something like 
>> that that it says storage, network, audio and once it says ok done, thes 
>> creen goes blank.  it seems to lock up, I can't hit any keys on themain 
>> keyboard, the only keys that work are those of the numpad, I can move 
>> around the screen, but thats it.  any ideas?
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