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Sun Feb 27 10:32:32 EST 2005

Have you followed the instructions in our installation HOWTO? It sounds
like you have not.

You're probably bumping into firstboot. The only answer is to boot into
single user mode--or get sighted assistance.

The lack of output during the boot is the rhgb=quiet setting in
grub.conf. It's OK to delete that directive.

Juan Hernandez writes:
> Hi, I installeaving the following problems.
> I just installed fc3, and whenboot for the first time, it starts up ok, but when i get to the line that says hardware sloading or something like that that it says storage, network, audio and once it says ok done, thes creen goes blank.  it seems to lock up, I can't hit any keys on themain keyboard, the only keys that work are those of the numpad, I can move around the screen, but thats it.  any ideas?
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