instalation problem-- was Re: fc3 download

Al Puzzuoli alpuzz at
Sat Feb 26 23:43:16 EST 2005

Interesting.  What I  know for sure based on sighted assistance is that if I 
attempt to boot disk 1, the text "boot from CD" flashes for a few seconds, 
and then the system falls back to booting Windows.  My first thought was 
that my boot sequence was messed up, but the boot.iso works just fine.


If I have the same problem with disk 1 of the regular set, maybe I'll try 
booting it from the other rom on this machine to see if it makes a 


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> I seem to recall that there were posts some time back on the list
> indicating that disc1 of fc3 didn't boot on some machines, and did
> boot on others. So, it maybe that there's nothing wrong with John's
> images, and your machine may be one of those that won't boot the first
> disc. Perhaps someone using fc3 who posted on this earlier, or knows
> something about the problem will clarify this.
> Greg
> On Sat, Feb 26, 2005 at 09:15:07PM -0500, Al Puzzuoli wrote:
>> Hi john,
>> Again, thanks very much for posting these and allowing those of us on the
>> list access to them.  At this point though, I think I'm going to download
>> the regular FC3 isos and do a BRLTTY install.  I'll worry about speakup
>> after the fact.  At this point, I think this will be the quickest 
>> solution.
>> If you get a chance though, you might want to check your disk 1 image, as
>> there seems to be a problem in that it isn't bootable for some reason. 
>> As
>> I said, I downloaded several images from your site and several from the
>> main ftp site.  However, the sum of disk1 didn't match the one on the 
>> main
>> ftp so I'm assuming I got that one from you.
>> The sum of the one i have that isn't booting is:
>> d016692cfde7456c6ca021b879833903
>> Thanks again,
>> --Al
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