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Sat Feb 26 22:10:20 EST 2005

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I seem to recall that there were posts some time back on the list
indicating that disc1 of fc3 didn't boot on some machines, and did
boot on others. So, it maybe that there's nothing wrong with John's
images, and your machine may be one of those that won't boot the first
disc. Perhaps someone using fc3 who posted on this earlier, or knows
something about the problem will clarify this.


On Sat, Feb 26, 2005 at 09:15:07PM -0500, Al Puzzuoli wrote:
> Hi john,
> Again, thanks very much for posting these and allowing those of us on the 
> list access to them.  At this point though, I think I'm going to download 
> the regular FC3 isos and do a BRLTTY install.  I'll worry about speakup 
> after the fact.  At this point, I think this will be the quickest solution.
> If you get a chance though, you might want to check your disk 1 image, as 
> there seems to be a problem in that it isn't bootable for some reason.  As 
> I said, I downloaded several images from your site and several from the 
> main ftp site.  However, the sum of disk1 didn't match the one on the main 
> ftp so I'm assuming I got that one from you.
> The sum of the one i have that isn't booting is:
> d016692cfde7456c6ca021b879833903
> Thanks again,
> --Al

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