Speakup 1.5 Oddness

Gregory Nowak greg at romuald.net.eu.org
Fri Feb 25 19:08:59 EST 2005

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I'd say reboot the box. I've seen weirdness before with uptimes as
long as yours, and it all went away after a reboot.


On Fri, Feb 25, 2005 at 05:27:09PM -0600, Luke Davis wrote:
> Hello
> Kernel: 2.4.21
> Speakup: 1.5
> Synth: DEC Express
> Uptime: 49 days
> I am running 8 consoles, all logged in, running different processes.
> TTY1, has just diverged from all other consoles.  Its main purpose, has 
> been an ssh connection to my ISP, running pine, lynx, etc., via screen, on 
> that system.
> In lynx, when I press space to go to the next page, it usually starts 
> reading that page.  Of course, because it's 1.5, it it usually reads 
> "word", carrage return, "word", as "wordword", if I just let it read the 
> drawing screen without having it start over after the screen is drawn, but 
> that is usual.
> I noticed, that it had suddenly started pronouncing every single space, as 
> it drew the screen.
> Then too, in pine, when I pressed space to go to another page, it would 
> say some strange things, such as space, or a character, or something. 
> Trying to read the full screen, would maybe start with a "space", instead 
> of "pine 4.62", or what ever it should be.
> I left ssh, and back at my shell, tried typing "reset", logging out/in, 
> and setting speakup back to the defaults I usually use.
> No help.  When ever I press enter, instead of hearing my shell prompt, I 
> hear the word "space".
> If I switch to another console, and back to tty1, I either hear the 
> current line (the shell prompt), or the word "space".
> I'm probably forgetting a few.
> Other ttys are working, and speaking, as they should.
> Any thoughts?
> Oh, a few times in the last few weeks, that console (tty1), and maybe a 
> few others, would periodicly stop talking.  Switching away from the 
> malfunctioning console, and switching back, would set things right.
>  Thanks
> Luke
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