Speakup 1.5 Oddness

Luke Davis ldavis at shellworld.net
Fri Feb 25 18:27:09 EST 2005


Kernel: 2.4.21
Speakup: 1.5
Synth: DEC Express
Uptime: 49 days

I am running 8 consoles, all logged in, running different processes.

TTY1, has just diverged from all other consoles.  Its main purpose, has 
been an ssh connection to my ISP, running pine, lynx, etc., via screen, on 
that system.

In lynx, when I press space to go to the next page, it usually starts 
reading that page.  Of course, because it's 1.5, it it usually reads 
"word", carrage return, "word", as "wordword", if I just let it read the 
drawing screen without having it start over after the screen is drawn, but 
that is usual.
I noticed, that it had suddenly started pronouncing every single space, as 
it drew the screen.

Then too, in pine, when I pressed space to go to another page, it would 
say some strange things, such as space, or a character, or something. 
Trying to read the full screen, would maybe start with a "space", instead 
of "pine 4.62", or what ever it should be.

I left ssh, and back at my shell, tried typing "reset", logging out/in, 
and setting speakup back to the defaults I usually use.

No help.  When ever I press enter, instead of hearing my shell prompt, I 
hear the word "space".
If I switch to another console, and back to tty1, I either hear the 
current line (the shell prompt), or the word "space".

I'm probably forgetting a few.

Other ttys are working, and speaking, as they should.

Any thoughts?

Oh, a few times in the last few weeks, that console (tty1), and maybe a 
few others, would periodicly stop talking.  Switching away from the 
malfunctioning console, and switching back, would set things right.



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