No Capslock

Sean McMahon smcmahon at
Tue Feb 22 12:00:02 EST 2005

Not a problem, a feature.  capslock by itself is used as the speakup key
alongside or in place of the insert key on the numpad.  To do a capslock use
shift+capslock to turn on and off.  If you meant capslock isn't behaving how it
should from other speakup kernels you've used, please explain.
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Subject: No Capslock

> Hi, I'm running speakup on FC3 on a kernel I patched myself. Something
> strange I noticed is the capslock isn't working. Has anyone else
> experienced this? Or is this a faq?
> The version of speakup I'm using is:
> Speakup v-2.00 CVS: Tue Dec 28 15:10:59 EST 2004
> synth acntsa version 1.1
> [
> TTia,
> Trevor
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