OT: Email services

Tyler Spivey tspivey at hotpop.com
Sat Feb 19 23:12:49 EST 2005

Does anyone have any suggestions on inexpensive, reliable email
services? I want an email address that will stay with me if I change
isps, or have no internet access at home (which is the case now). I've
gone through about 5 free email services that just don't fit the bill -
block certain addresses, (e.g. yahoogroups), flaky smtp servers (or none
at all!) or total unreliability. Something that costs $29.95/year (e.g.
Runbox) seems promising until you convert to Canadian dollars, which
will run up to about $50. 
This one seems to work, but I don't want to find myself changing emails
Thanks in advance,

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