Problem Making Ramdisk to Start Speakup Automatically

Beth Hatch bhatch200 at
Sun Feb 20 01:56:26 EST 2005

    Hello everyone,
Today, after lots of trial and tribulation, I finally got Linux to speak!!!!
The Dectalk I borrowed works fine and I was able to log in and start
    I began making the initrd disk today following the installation how-to
file.  I am using kernel 2.6.10 and Fedora core 3.  When I go to the
/libs/modules directory and attempt to type in the commands, I am making the
ram disk after installing Speakup, not during the installation, I get error
messages referring to files not found.  Unfortunately, I'm not sure what
file or files it was looking for, I did an everything installation, but due
to uncontrollable circumstances my installation of Fedora was not done by me
but by someone installing and patching the kernel for me.  So, When I look
at my commands as typed into the command line and of course using the proper
synthesizer key, I see only the 2.6. and no other numbers or letters
designating the rest of the kernel designation when I press the tab key as
directed in the installation how-to.  I also see nothing relating to the
Dectalk driver so obviously either I've done something wrong, or something
is missing in the way I've entered the command.  Does the entire command
belong on one line, or do you hit enter at any other time before the end of
the command?
    I'm sorry this question is so convoluted, I am following the
installation how-to and I am unsure what I may be doing wrong or why the
initrd isn't working.
Thanks for any help or suggestions,

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