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Sat Feb 19 14:49:28 EST 2005

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Well, there are no problems on my end as far as I can tell. It also
sounds to me like you downloaded the full iso, but I'd run an MD5sum
check before I believed that. Yes, the files are still available for
download, since I have seen a few more downloads going on after I
posted saying that I'll remove them. So, I'll keep them up for a bit
more, as long as I see they're still being downloaded.


On Sat, Feb 19, 2005 at 12:26:55PM -0500, Jude DaShiell wrote:
> I tried downloading slackware isos from and got up 
> to 649,152KB then ran into something close to a 1,000 second stall so 
> aborted the download.  Right now this is the only Linux box available so I 
> don't need it hacked.  That could have ben anyone on the internet 
> attempting to crack this system but if they did they'd have very little to 
> control or exploit.  Actually, it was probably robot software not 
> individual attack.  For quite a while I've had 4 processes oon this 
> machine not visible to root shown by chkrootkit so I'll runchkrootkit and 
> see if I now have more invissible processes.  The flavor of Linux on this 
> system is now 2004 sarge speakup debian and according to chkrootkit it 
> appears to have been infected by lkm.  I thought that was only supposed to 
> be a sun/solaris problem but evidently not necessarily so.
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