slackware download aborted

Jude DaShiell jdashiel at
Sat Feb 19 12:26:55 EST 2005

I tried downloading slackware isos from and got up 
to 649,152KB then ran into something close to a 1,000 second stall so 
aborted the download.  Right now this is the only Linux box available so I 
don't need it hacked.  That could have ben anyone on the internet 
attempting to crack this system but if they did they'd have very little to 
control or exploit.  Actually, it was probably robot software not 
individual attack.  For quite a while I've had 4 processes oon this 
machine not visible to root shown by chkrootkit so I'll runchkrootkit and 
see if I now have more invissible processes.  The flavor of Linux on this 
system is now 2004 sarge speakup debian and according to chkrootkit it 
appears to have been infected by lkm.  I thought that was only supposed to 
be a sun/solaris problem but evidently not necessarily so.

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