How do I get speakup and brltty to live happily on the same system with hardware synthesis

Sean McMahon smcmahon at
Wed Feb 16 12:58:09 EST 2005

Ignore the obvious question, No I don't want them running of the same synthesis
at exactly the same time.  What I'm trying to develop is a system where one boot
option loads speakup with a bns and another loads brltty and would allow the
inclusion of software speech via emacspeak upon login.  The problem is that
brltty loads at somepoint before login, so I'd have to change the way the init
scripts work.  Is it possible to change the startup scripts to say if a device
is connected to and active on the serial port then don't load brltty else load
brltty?  Will I have to specifically change the init scripts if I configure
brltty with one braille display like the alva satellite then configure speech in
speakup to work off of a bns?  This system only has one serial port.Where else
should I be looking for info?

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