randy turner rturner2 at
Wed Feb 16 11:49:45 EST 2005

i think that i have figured it out,
it has something to do with the spam filters on my isp.
i realized how that message sounded
after i wrote it lol!
thanks again,

On Wed, 16 Feb 2005, Janina Sajka wrote:

> Mostly, folks here use fetchmail to retrieve email.
> Some of us also receive mail directly, but this involves more than just
> setting up sendmail (or another agent like exim or postfix). For
> example, you might need a domain name so that the Internet knows how to
> find your computer.
> Lastly, there are advantages to using an mta (like sendmail, exim, or
> postfix)) over the smtp definition in a mail user agent like Pine (or
> Mutt).
> But, you'll have to be far more precise about what you're trying to do,
> and exactly what happens if we can help you very much.
> Just saying something like "it doesn't work" is going to get you
> nowhere.
> randy turner writes:
>> well i have to run get-mail first,
>> then pine will send the message like it should
>> does this give any one any ideas?
>> i have tried setting up sendmail
>> but it does not do right.
>> randy
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