Setting Dectalk USB to Factory Defaults

Beth Hatch bhatch200 at
Sat Feb 12 19:26:23 EST 2005

Hi Adam,

Anything is of course possible with computers.<smile>  Yes indeed, I did put
the switch back in its proper place, but I'm not upset with you for asking
because I made that mistake when I first got my unit a little over 6 months

	I have always used this unit in serial mode, no matter which
operating system, I just have the USB cable that came with the unit plugged
in for the power useage of the computer.  At school, however, I use the AC
adapter because it was easier to deal with because there aren't many usb
ports on my school computer.  The usb cable I use is the one that came with
the unit, and it has only been used with the Dectalk and no other device.
The serial cable is not a normal serial cable so I don't have a spare cable
to try unfortunately.

	Yes, I do have a Braille display, brltty has been working with
Fedora just fine but I would rather have speech.<smile>



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