Trouble with listen-up

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Thu Feb 10 10:55:34 EST 2005

Sina Bahram writes:
> Well, if it's easy enough to crack ... Then cracking it and distributing
> binaries would be legal, I gather?

Are you joking? The illegality of breaking and entering a house doesn't
depend on the strength of the locks that protect it. In fact, it's still
"breaking and entering," even if there is no lock, as I understand
things--though perhaps some lawyer among us might clarify this principal
for us.

If redistribution is really illegal, than it's illegal regardless of
presence or absence of encryption.

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> Sina
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> Sina Bahram writes:
> > RFB&D protects their daisy books with a propriotary encryption algorithm
> ...
> > Does RNIB do the same?
> Yes. It is definitely the case.
> However, it would not be hard to write a module to open the content, though
> the terms of licensing would not allow publishing the source.
> The reason for this encryption is to meet legal copyright restrictions on
> the distribution of this content. It's the computer equivalent of making
> audio cassette talking books use half speed and open reel track format,
> rather than standard cassette speed and standard track format.
> > 
> > If so: that could explain why it reads the title and everything; 
> > however, seg faults on the rest ...
> > 
> > Good luck with this problem: I'd be interested in getting a solution 
> > to it, as I think it may lead to one, hopefully, for reading RFB&D 
> > daisy formats without having to pay them for the software and/or 
> > hardware, which I find ridiculous.
> > 
> > Take care,
> > Sina
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