Trouble with listen-up

Sina Bahram sbahram at
Thu Feb 10 10:44:23 EST 2005

Well, if it's easy enough to crack ... Then cracking it and distributing
binaries would be legal, I gather?

Take care,

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Sina Bahram writes:
> RFB&D protects their daisy books with a propriotary encryption algorithm
> Does RNIB do the same?

Yes. It is definitely the case.

However, it would not be hard to write a module to open the content, though
the terms of licensing would not allow publishing the source.

The reason for this encryption is to meet legal copyright restrictions on
the distribution of this content. It's the computer equivalent of making
audio cassette talking books use half speed and open reel track format,
rather than standard cassette speed and standard track format.

> If so: that could explain why it reads the title and everything; 
> however, seg faults on the rest ...
> Good luck with this problem: I'd be interested in getting a solution 
> to it, as I think it may lead to one, hopefully, for reading RFB&D 
> daisy formats without having to pay them for the software and/or 
> hardware, which I find ridiculous.
> Take care,
> Sina

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