fc3 dl

Beth Hatch bhatch200 at comcast.net
Tue Feb 8 14:49:33 EST 2005

Hi Sean,

How much space you'll need for Fedora depends on what you want to do with
it, e.g. if you want access to Gnopernicus, the screen reader for Gnome or
not.  It is recommended that you choose the Everything Install to make sure
you have all of the accessibility packages available to you.

	I am going to download the Speakup enabled Fedora Core 3 and burn it
to disk today.  I need to install it on my Linux machine.  Yes, the soap
opera continues with my Linux installation, I'll tell you about it sometime
if you wish.<smile>

	At any rate, I'll be happy to burn you copies of the Fedora Core if
you want it, you can pick it up when you get here to visit if you like.

	If you have any more questions, I'll try to answer them.  For
general info on Fedora and its requirements, go to www.redhat.com/fedora.



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