I need some help for a friendI need some assistance for a friend

Diana Dawne dianasaur at octothorp.org
Tue Feb 8 00:23:10 EST 2005

Hi I have a friend who needs some help and I wonder if someone here might 
be able to help.  My friend Bill is a linux user.  He has an old version 
of slack ware.  He also ran acopy of windows 98 SE.  Recently, he 
experienced a major computer failure and is unable to use his computer to 
get online.  Actually installing a new copy of slack ware might not be 
that much of a problem but the difficulty is that he has tons of scripts 
and things such as mail folders and his personal address book that he 
would like to salvage but he doesn't know how to do that.  If he installs 
a new version of linux, he will overwrite that important data.  Is there 
someone who could maybe walk him through this process over the phone?  Any 
help would be appreciated.  If you would like, you are welcome to write me 
or call me at 5629244501 and I'll gladly put you in touch with Bill.  

Thanks in advance for your help.  


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