is speakup available for amd athelon?

Joseph C. Lininger jbahm at
Mon Feb 7 23:31:47 EST 2005

Pretty much any distro of Linux designed for x86 should work with Athlon 
processors. I fyou have a 64 bit Athlon then your options are a bit more 
limited, but if it's just the 32 bit version (which it is if it came with 
me) then you should be able to run any version of Linux designed to work on 
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Subject: is speakup available for amd athelon?

> I've got one of these computers and cleaned windows me off it and replaced 
> that with ms-dos 6.00 and would like to know if any of the list members 
> know of any speakup versions for amd athelon computers I could download 
> and install.
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