error message, keyboard not working as a result

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Wed Feb 2 18:51:14 EST 2005

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Hmm interesting. Although if that were entirely the case, wouldn't I have speech once I got my login prompt? Bc once speech had stopped by itself I couldn't login at all. In fact, I figured 
out that I had no keyboard access at all...Or did it appear that way bc Speakup expected the Keyboard driver to load at a certain point and it didn't? Hmm I remember a patch to some Makefile I 
think that fixed this...Does anyone remember what its called/which Makefile was patched? Thanks!
On Wed, Feb 02, 2005 at 04:54:09PM -0600, Adam Myrow wrote:
> Well, I don't know why you are getting the messages you are getting, but 
> have you tried setting up an initrd (initial RAM disk?)  I found that 
> having Speakup load from an initrd allowed me to shut it up immediately as 
> it comes up later in the boot process.  From what I've read about kernel 
> 2.6, the major difference from 2.4 is that 2.4 and earlier assumed anybody 
> who has a computer has a keyboard.  2.6 makes no such assumption, and 
> thus, could in theory, work with an embedded system which can only be 
> accessed remotely.  I think what's happening is that keyboard support 
> comes up later in 2.6, and thus, you can't stop speech until it detects 
> the keyboard.  As I said, with Speakup built entirely as modules, and 
> loading it from an initrd, it comes up a little later, but you can silence 
> it immediately.  It's a compromise between compiling it directly in the 
> kernel, and having to wait until you are fully booted up to start speech.
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