queueing mail and sending it from another computer

Joseph C. Lininger jbahm at pcdesk.net
Wed Feb 2 03:38:52 EST 2005

If you are using the same server at home and school, you may be able to use 
imap. Simply store the message in a postponed or drafts folder, then send 
when you are ready to do so.
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Subject: queueing mail and sending it from another computer

> I'm looking for a way of sending mail from my home computer, and
> having it queued up in a file or directory until I arrive at school and 
> bring
> my files, including that file or directory with my queued mail.
> I have cygwin at school, and currently use getmail with
> a mbox file to retrieve my mail, and filter it through maildrop at home.
> my current python solution is just an ugly hack.
> I've written a cupple of Python scripts to do this. If this message
> is getting to the list, then they work. If anyone's interested in them,
> let me know and I'll send them your way, unless I've
> found another solution to my problem, in which case I'll send that.
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